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Red, Gold and Green


For me Reggae music is what “Positive feelings sounds like“. Reggae music has been spread not only in Jamaica but also around the world, many Jamaican artist became popular by this music like Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs, Jacob MillerDennis Brown and most of all Bob Marley. Marley was the one of the most influencial reggae artist of all time, his music touched the heart of not only black people but also the white people. His lyrics was powerful and revolutionary, he encourage the heart of the people by his lyrics about obliterating racism and equal rights for all people.


Bob Marley & The Wailers performing “Stir It Up” live at BBC

Bob Marley live in concert in Dalymount Park on July 6, 1980

But let’s get straight to this and these article is all about Reggae music. Reggae music is originated and popularized in Jamaica. It was highly influenced by Mento and Calypso which is  traditional Jamaican music, And it is also influenced by American Jazz and Rhythm and Blues. Reggae was evolved out of the earlier genres Ska and Rocksteady, And it gave birth to some other Jamaican genres like Dub, Dancehall, Lover’s Rock, Ragga, and Reggaeton.  After a few years of exploring, the music became more popular and it gained more listeners and respect from the other country especially here in the Phillipines.

In Philippines, the influence of reggae music is superb. One of the renowned reggae personality here in the Philippines is Dominic “PapaDom” Gamboa, he was the former vocalist of the Filipino reggae band “Tropical Depression”. In their era they gained popularity and Papadom was declared as the “Father of Philippine Reggae Music“, But sad to say his journey won’t last forever but his legacy and his music will last forever. It goes on and on, actually even now many of the youths today love their music because of the positive feelings they brought to the person who listened to it.

Papadom with Tropical Depression live at Irie Sunday

Reggae music is lively and positive. For me, when I start to listen to these kind of music it makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. My mood is always good and jolly. It makes me open my mind to reality and higher state of thinking. Consciousness is the best way to explain reggae music was all about.

Many local artist has also contributed in Reggae music scene here in the Philippines after Tropical Deppression like Jeck Pilpil and the Peacepipe, Reggae Mistress, Lady I, Dreadknot Used, Collie Herb, On The Spot and many more. All of them has a one goal and it is to spread positive vibes, consciousness and reggae music here in our country. Thanks to Irie Sunday and the rest of the crew for continuing support for the local Reggae scene. Irie Sunday was a specific event and held always at B-Side Makati, they were the group of people who advocates and  spreading Reggae music here in Manila and across the city.

Irie Sunday Logo

They brought Jamaican sound system culture here in Philippines and it was good experience perfoming on this event. They showcased Filipino reggae artist and International reggae acts, every sunday different style of Jamaican music is assigned every sundays. These are the Roots, Rocksteady, Lover’s Rock, Ska, Dancehall, Dub, Ragga and sometimes Dubstep.

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Bob Marley: Live at Dalymount Park 1980 (Eddie Mallin, Photographer)



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